Healthcare is a growing field: is it right for you?

If the economy in North America still seems to be sputtering almost five years after the Great Recession began, and the unemployment rate in both the United States and Canada are stubbornly high, there are always good jobs to be found; it just takes a little searching.

In fact, one of the fastest-growing job markets across North America is in the field of healthcare, thanks in large part to the continent’s aging population.

As reported in USA Today, the healthcare profession is expanding due to the increased need from tens of millions of Baby Boomers and seniors, many of whom suffer from chronic diseases.

Nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists are in short supply in many cities and towns, and while that puts a strain on healthcare costs, it’s good news for those looking for a switch in careers.

“It seems like we always need more hands,” said Jamie Malneritch, a 31 year-old nurse in San Diego, told the newspaper. “Nursing is flourishing.”

And while nursing is flourishing, it also pays well. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the United States found the 2010 average salary of a nurse was just under $65,000.

If nursing jobs sound attractive, would you consider a career switch into the healthcare field? Tell us in the comment section below.