Group of grandmothers see midnight opening of Hunger Games

The Hunger Games just arrived in theaters, and the movie is projected to be one of the biggest Hollywood successes in history. It grossed over $150 million in its opening weekend, the third best weekend ever.

But it’s not just teenagers who are seeing the movie: seniors are going too.

As reported recently in the Salisbury Post, at the midnight premiere at the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina, near Charlotte, a group of grandmothers were among the first people in North America to see the film.

Kathy Cornell, one of the seniors at the screening, told the news source that she enjoyed the movie, but that simply going to a midnight premiere was a first for her.

“I’ve never been to one, and I’ve always wanted to,” she said.

Cornell isn’t just a bandwagon fan; she has read two of the three books in the Hunger Games trilogy, and plans to complete the series soon. She told the media outlet that the movie was a good representation of the books, and the audience at the Gem Theatre was enthusiastic and participatory in watching the film.

Maybe next there will be movie screenings in assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities.