Green Tea is Cancer Killer: Latest Study

According to Food Consumer, a recent study conducted by a Japanese University, has determined that drinking green tea by senior citizens leads to better bodily control, functionality as they age, and as a cancer preventative.

The study conducted by Yasutake Tomata of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and colleagues concluded that high consumption of green tea generated less dependency on regular daily matters, fewer falls and accidents, and a boost in confidence due to mood elevation. The study supports other studies on the anti-aging effect of green tea consumption.

Diet, lifestyle, location, and environment were factored into the results by the Japanese team.

The study focused on Okinawa, the major island in the Ryukyu archipelago. Four hundred miles south of Japan, Okinawa possesses some of the oldest disease free and active people in the world, with a mid-80s average life span. They are not an elderly population afflicted by prolonged diseases, like diabetes and dementia. Okinawans tend to be lean and vibrant, leading quality lives.

When several Okinawans moved to Brazil, or when the young generation began indulging in fast food places near American Okinawan military bases, their life spans declined. Also, autoimmune and cardiac diseases, and cancer, increased. The original theory that Okinawans inherited good health was proven wrong.

Health scientists began investigating Okinawans' dietary and lifestyle habits. The eating habits of Okinawans, and their attitudes on living, were shown to be significantly better than other cultures. The elderly of Okinawa drink large amounts of a unique blend of jasmine green tea, unlike other Asian cultures.

Quality jasmine green tea retains a remarkable antioxidant blend for heart health, diabetes prevention, weight loss, and even curbing cancer without the dangers of fluoride.

An abundance of mainstream cancer research was completed with green tea extracts. Researchers concluded that the extracts helped destroy cancer cells while not harming normal cells.

Green tea is becoming a staple in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences.