Geriatric Rolling Stones Storm through 50th Anniversary Show

Front row seats for the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary Show sold at $1,500 USD. Paint it gold for the Stones who by all accounts delivered an outstanding performance for their comeback.

It comes as a surprise seeing that founding members Mick Jagger is 69 and Keith Richards is 68.

Back row seats were $150.00. The historic band played a 2 1/2 half hour set at London's 02 Arena. The show included some of their greatest hits: “Paint it Black,” “Start Me Up,” "Sympathy for the Devil," "Gimme Shelter".

The Daily Mail’s Jan Moir wrote that the Stones had beaten the aging process: “You might imagine that they had been worn down by life, by wives, by arthritis, by scandals old and new, by drugs, but no — they seemed indestructible.”

The Associated Press wrote: "The seemingly ageless Mick Jagger's strutting style has not been dimmed, and backed by brilliant guitarists Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood and the energetic drumming of Charlie Watts, who is now past 70 but shows no sign of slowing down."

The band started in 1962 and has been a Baby Boomer staple. Alongside The Beatles, The Dave Clark 5, The Who, and dozens of other English bands, they created The British Invasion when they stormed the USA's Top Ten.

The long lived band may be old enough to retire to Assisted Living or Continuing Care residences, but will play another show in London, followed by a handful in the New York City area.