Free medication discount card introduced

A new discount card has been helping to lower the medical costs for seniors across the United States.

Offered by SeniorSurance, the Medication Card is free and available to anyone using a pharmacy in the United States, even non-Americans, regardless of age. It is also available to those both with and without health insurance. The average savings is about 30 per cent, but it can sometimes rise to about 70 per cent or more.

More than 25,000 pharmacies across the United States honor this discount, including large chains such as Walgreens, Wal Mart, Costco, CVS, Kmart, Long’s Drug Stores, Rite Aid, Safeway, Target, and Von, not to mention thousands of smaller ones, as well.

To take advantage of the card’s discounts, the only steps needed are to visit, and then print off the coupon and present it to the participating pharmacy.

So far, the feedback has been very positive, with people saying they weren’t sure the card would work, but it did.

“I went to my pharmacist, sure that they would turn me down when I handed over his card,” John Brown of San Jose, California, said. “Instead I would up saving over $50 each, of two different prescriptions. Now I want additional cards for my family and friends.”

Indeed, not only can anyone take advantage of the discount card for themselves, it can also be printed and shared, so that means, for example, a Baby Boomer with aging parents can print off one card for themselves, and two more cards for Mom and Dad, making the discounts available to the entire family.

Another surprise is that the discount card is also available for pets. To take advantage of those discounts, simply present the card to the approved pharmacy when purchasing medication for your pet, and the discount will be honored.

For more information on the free prescription discount card, visit