Five tips for seniors this holiday season

Christmas is barely a month away, and for many seniors in retirement homes and assisted living communities, it is an exciting time to visit family and friends. But in addition to seeing loved ones and exchanging gifts, there’s also plenty of eating, and overeating can be dangerous for anybody, seniors included.

According to a recent article from Home Care Assistance, seniors and their families can still find ways to make the holidays an enjoyable time of year, while still staying healthy.

Kathy Johnson, CEO of Home Care Assistance, said staying physically active is a must, but it can be difficult to find the time. Still, she recommends taking a walk after each meal, or at least doing some stretches in the home.

Secondly, Johnson recommends seniors and their families try to find meats which are lower in fat, such as lean turkey breast. Other foods which are good options for holiday meals include berries, eggs, nuts, and fish.

Third, when family and friends are gathered together, there is an excellent chance for everyone to play memory-boosting games and activities, such as checkers, chess, or Scrabble.

Johnson also suggests seniors and their families find plenty of opportunities for social interaction, as it helps keep the brain active and healthy.

And finally, Johnson recommends that families help seniors have as restful a holiday season as possible. It will help them create a sense of calm, and will allow them to enjoy the time as much as they can.