Five tips to get seniors active in their retirement homes

There’s no shortage of evidence and research that physical activity leads to longer, healthier lives, especially for seniors. But how can assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities get their residents active and engaged?

As reported recently in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, Bayview Manor, a Seattle retirement community, has discovered that there are five core techniques senior housing facilities can use to energize their residents.

The first tip is to make sure residents are socially engaged; this means that they need to have the opportunity to meet new friends at social events.
The second tip, according to the news source, was to give residents the chance to be involved in the local community. This can include volunteer outings with children or helping at area schools.

The third tip for communities is to make sure their residents are able to be as physically active as they wish. Some ideas are walking groups or bowling events.

The fourth tip is to help senior residents have more control over daily decisions. This can potentially include menu options at meals, or even being able to choose events at the community.

The fifth tip, as reported by the media outlet, is to give residents more chances to travel off-campus, either to see friends and family, or to town for shopping or an evening out.