Elderly Couple Stumbles into All-Night Rave

All-night raves are great for fun-loving millennials but hazardous for the elderly who tend to go to bed before 9:00 pm.  Dick and Lil Dickens - 80 and 79 - are a good example, an older couple who stumbled into a Cambridgeshire, England warehouse, 70 miles north of London.

According to the nation's daily tabloid, The Sun, the older couple noticed dozens of cars parked outside a warehouse and headed inside looking for bargains. Instead of discounts, the Dickens faced 1,000 party goers happily engaged in an all-night rave.

In their confusion, the couple agreed to pose for pictures with the partiers before leaving for their car. Dick told The Sun, "We’re in our 80's so we don’t want to get mixed up in anything like that." He continued, “Some girl just popped up with a camera and took our picture. She said ’right, you’ll be on Facebook now!”

The couple were stunned when they discovered in media reports that the party ended in £50,000 of damage to the warehouse - nearly $80,000 USD.

The Cambridgeshire Constabulary has launched a major campaign to prosecute those who organised the bash and have made one arrest. In response to community anger, North East Cambridgeshire Member of Parliament Steve Barclay raised objections during a meeting with English Home Secretary Theresa May.

“It’s essential that those responsible are brought to justice," May was quoted, from her Parliamentary office in London.