Eight cheap (or free) retirement hobbies

Money is a big worry for many Baby Boomers and seniors. Many people are worried that during retirement, when there’s no regular paycheque, lifestyles are bound to change. There might be less money for dining out, travel and other luxuries, and depression could set in.

But there are plenty of ways for seniors and retirees to be entertained, even on a tight budget, or no budget at all.

Here are 8 cheap hobbies seniors can take advantage of in retirement, courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle:

1/ Photography- Whether it’s nature or architectural or anything else, photography is a fun option.

2/ Genealogy- Using the internet or local library, consider researching your family history.

3/ Writing and reading- If you enjoy reading, make it a bigger part of your day, and if you enjoy writing, consider spending time doing that too.

4/ Yoga- Healthy living is important for seniors, so Yoga, Pilates or even meditation might be for you.

5/ Arts and Crafts- Look online for local offerings, including at your local library or in a crafts store.

6/ Sports- Did you enjoy any sports during your childhood or adulthood? There might be senior leagues you might enjoy.

7/ Games- Playing games and puzzles is excellent at strengthening the brain. Board games can be inexpensive, but a good investment.

8/ Volunteering- Spend some time with others, whether it’s at a soup kitchen, the Cancer Society, or even just helping people in need.

Any of these hobbies can be taken advantage of by seniors across North America, whether they live at home, with adult children, or even at an assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care community.