Don’t Flush Money Down the Toilet: How to Use Sanitaton Products to Save Money

By the time people reach the age of 65 years old, more than half of all people – about 40 per cent of men, and 60 per cent of women, on average – experience some kind of incontinence at least occasionally, according to a 2014 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Incontinence is not a pleasant topic of conversation for seniors and older people, and yet it cannot simply be ignored, both for the changes in lifestyle it causes for tens of millions of Americans and Canadians who suffer from incontinence, but also for the enormous health care costs involved, estimated at about $25 billion (USD) every year.

And while doctors, nurses and personal support workers across North America work to address the medical consequences of incontinence, there is more than just the immediate medical consequences to consider.Don't flush your money down the toilet

Just as importantly, the disposal of human waste in senior living communities, individual homes and hospitals is an issue which, if properly managed, can save money for individual consumers, senior living properties, as well as the healthcare system as a whole.

Every day, all around the world, people use and dispose of incontinence products, ranging from disposable adult briefs, adult diapers, and urinary incontinence pads, but these personal hygiene products are rarely ever disposed of properly, leading to lingering bad odors, embarrassment and very unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

For senior living communities, failing to dispose of personal hygiene products and incontinence pads can result in fines, higher incidence of hospitalization (and longer durations) for residents, as well as increased risk of death and disease among residents, as well.

One company, Golden Group International, based out of upstate New York and serving all of North America, has been doing brisk business recently, in large part because of its full range of products, many of which are aimed not only at hospitals, but at smaller senior living facilities as well as individuals.

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