Dogs are popular pets at retirement homes

Buddy might be the most popular resident at Luther Acres Retirement Home.  But it’s not his humour, story-telling, or athletic ability which is making Buddy friends: Buddy is a puppy.

According to, Buddy was brought to the assisted living facility just outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania to create a sense of companionship for the residents there. And it sounds like Buddy is doing a good job.

“Just petting a dog can help you feel more relaxed and satisfied. And Buddy is a great listener,” Mary Schreiber, the community’s recreational therapist, told the news source.

Buddy lives at the retirement home, has his own crate to sleep in, and even has his own outdoor area to use whenever he wants. Both residents and staff members are responsible for taking him for walks, feeding him, and making him feel like a part of the retirement home community.

Many studies have shown that dogs can decrease tension and increase relaxation, and many of the residents at Luther Acres say that Buddy is quickly becoming part of their family.

One resident, Dottie Kane, donated part of her Bingo winnings to buy Buddy dog food. And to another, Shirley Gutlacker, Buddy is good to be around.

“His fur is nice and soft,” says Gutlacker. “Buddy is a good dog.”