Does pizza help you live to 106?

If you’re hoping to live for many more years to come and enjoy retirement living, your doctor probably has told you to get plenty of exercise, surround yourself with friends, and eat healthy foods.

But 106 year-old Margaret Ellen Moores says unhealthy foods have helped her live more than a century. According to, Moores, who lives in Newfoundland, Canada, recently celebrated her birthday.

Moores does not live in an assisted living community or a retirement home, but rather with her daughter, Mary Cheesman, who told the news source that her mother doesn’t let age dictate what she eats.

“[She loves] her salt beef, the same old-time meals as ever she had… pizza and French fries now,” Cheesman said.

Moores is in such good health that the only medication she takes daily is Tylenol, for her Arthritis. She was in her mid-forties when her province of Newfoundland officially became part of Canada in 1949.

She has lived long enough to see 14 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and even three great-great grandchildren.

Moores told the media outlet that she has worked hard during her adult life, and now in retirement, she is relaxing.

“Good times I guess, when I got old. I didn't have them when I was young.”