Do you want to be a mall Santa this season?

The holiday season is barely two months away, and for many, it can be a stressful time full of shopping in packed malls, shorter days and snowfall.

But if you enjoy the festive season, have you ever considered making a little extra money off the holidays?

So if you're looking for an encore career after retirement, or just looking to do something fun and bring in some extra cash, plenty of malls are looking for their short-term resident Santa Claus, according to a recent article on

“Last year, retailers added just over 660,000 workers. This year, that figure could approach 700,000,” retail expert John A. Challenger told the news outlet.

AARP offers a few tips to help you find temporary seasonal work:

1/ Keep an open mind: It’s not just mall Santas available in December; it can be anything from cashiers, salespeople and stockroom staff.

2/ Ask Around: Don’t just send out a resume. Ask your friends and family to keep an eye out for opportunities if they happen to come across anything.

3/ Ask where you buy: During a slow time of day, go over to the mall and ask at local stores where you’ve purchased recently, or regularly. If you’re a familiar face, you might have a better chance to pick up a part-time job if one becomes available.