The Digital Health Summit, 2012

The Digital Health Summit, 2012 runs from Wednesday, January 11 to Thursday, January 12, and is part of the larger 2012 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This premiere event will expose developers, manufacturers, distributors and service providers to the opportunities, partnerships, business models, distribution channels and standards of the rapidly evolving industry of digital health technologies.

Diagnosing and battling disease, today’s generation of high-tech healthcare products and services will be the catalyst for better managed healthcare, patient/doctor communication, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time, early prevention and detection, digital patient information records, medical attention over distances, and so much more.

A robust industry is developing to serve the healthcare market. The Digital Health Summit and Exhibition is here to serve as its epicenter.

The Digital Health Summit includes Panel Discussions and a plethora of Keynote Speakers, such as:

  • Michele Ahlman, President, ClearSounds Communications
  • Steven Dean, Global Healthcare Segment Lead, Freescale
  • Sally Edwards, CEO, Author and App Developer, Heart Zones USA
  • Ira Flatow, Science Correspondent and TV Journalist, Science Friday on NPR
  • Jill Gilbert, Co-Producer, Digital Health Summit @ CES
  • Daniel Kraft, MD, Founder / Executive Director, IntelliMedicine / FutureMed
  • Amy Tenderich, VP of Patient Advocacy and Editor-in-Chief, DiabetesMine / Alliance Health Networks
  • Bill Walsh, Senior Advisor, AARP

AND, many others.

The Digital Health Summit is a two days conference plus four days of exhibition.

Digital Health Summit 2012