Dating website for seniors looks to attract more men

As has reported, dating websites for single seniors are becoming increasingly popular, and that’s good news for the online businesses and for older people looking to meet their mates.

But as reported recently in the National Post newspaper, one British website for older singles,, is finding that success also has a price. Started by 35 year-old Briton Matt Connolly, spurred on by a request from his 60-something mother asking for his help finding her a mate, has sparked interest among older singles, but now has a 4:1 ratio of female to male members on the site.

Connolly told the newspaper he didn’t attribute the gender gap to demographics of women outliving men, but to the reticence of many males to seek romantic partners online.

“The older we get as chaps, the less confident we become in meeting people. As a result, the fear of failure builds up and we eventually stop trying,” Connolly said.

To help attract more men, the dating website is offering free membership to the first one thousand men who join, and is giving away free coaching sessions and tailor-made suits.

Have you ever tried a dating website? What did you think of the experience?