Dallas retirement home to feature new technologies

The city of Keller, Texas will soon have a new assisted living community.

The 410 Group, a senior housing development company, is building a 78-room community in Keller, northwest of Dallas, according to a recent article on Seniorhousingnews.com.

According to the article, the new assisted living community is not being built in isolation, but rather as part of a large-scale 340 acre city center project.

“We are in a significant growth mode at this time in the industry,” 410 Group’s co-founder Jeremy Ragsdale, is quoted as saying by the news source. “The commitment we have made to utilize the most up-to-date technology throughout our facilities.”

The new community will reportedly feature SimpleC Companion, a memory retention technique that helps Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers recall important people and events, using a computer screen. Each room in the facility will have this program.

The media outlet reports that the new community will also have wireless systems aimed at allowing nursing staff to keep better care of their residents, as well as motion sensors and even bed weight sensors, which will be able to track if a resident has fallen out of bed, or is moving erratically.

Construction on the facility is expected to be completed in the fall of 2012.