The Dala Lama Rejoices on 77th Birthday

The Dalai Lama celebrates his 77th birthday today in Dharamsala, India. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has lived in exile since 1959 when he fled Chinese-occupied Tibet.

The Dalai Lama has carried on as a formidable spiritual force, speaking around the world on many topics and has opened an interfaith dialogue that is non-denominational.

Hill Post from India's Himachal Pradesh region bordering on Tibet, carried a positive piece on The Dalai Lama on his 77th birthday.

Portions of The Dalai Lama's birthday speech were quoted by Hill Post: "If we start regarding birthdays as important, then every day when we get up in the morning should also be considered like a birthday." He added: "Every day is important and one should try and help other people, but if unable to then at least one should not hurt others.”

In addition, The Dalai Lama said: “Every day I promise myself to treat others in this way. If I can get up each day and help and not hurt others, this is good. My life is spent like this and today I am 77 years old.”

The celebrations and prayers were covered by The Hill. Analysts feel that the Chinese Communist Party will never soften its stance on Tibet, despite the world-wide popularity of The Dalai Lama. Were the Tibetans to gain greater autonomy, then the Mongols and the ethnic Koreans would demand the same. "The great Chinese motherland will begin to fray," Tim Johnson, an expert on Tibetan issues, told

"China is not interested in serious negotiations about autonomy for ethnic Tibetans," he said. "It is waiting for the Dalai Lama to die in order to commandeer the reincarnation process and name a docile successor to serve its interests," said Johnson.