A Cure for Senior Erectile Dysfunction?

The human body changes with age. Whether it’s vision, hearing or mobility, most seniors find they move differently than they did decades earlier. But for men, one area of aging is more sensitive than others: erectile dysfunction. According to some studies, half of men by the age of 40 have it, and the numbers rise with age, but a new study has tips to decrease it for those interested.

As reported recently on HuffingtonPost.com, an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that excess weight is a major factor contributing to erectile dysfunction, and that  dropping pounds, especially in the stomach, can potentially reverse it.

“Even if you have clear cut medical reasons -- diabetes, obesity -- when you're having erectile dysfunction … it is depressing,” Dr. Kevin Billups, a urology professor at the University of Minnesota, told the news source.

He added that many men use pills and medication to help with erectile dysfunction, but that with exercise, many men will be able to discontinue the pills altogether.

The connection between exercise and general health is a long-established one, and affects everyone from children to seniors in assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities. Every person should try to make time for 30 minutes of exercise every day for maximal health.