Company gives free iPhones to seniors

There are nearly 150 million smartphone users in North America, recent studies have shown. Smarphones are cell phones with additional features such as wireless Internet, maps, e-mail, messaging, and a host of other applications.

According to some estimates, the country with the highest percentage of cell phone users who carry smartphones is not the United States or Canada, but is located across the Pacific Ocean: Singapore.

And in Singapore, a national wireless carrier has been collecting used smartphones and is turning them into safety devices for the country’s seniors- free of charge.

As reported recently by, SingTel, along with two local volunteer groups, has been customizing the phones to provide Singaporean seniors with added safety and security.

Some of the features on the phones including a tracking device which recognizes if the senior carrying it has fallen, and will automatically alert their caregiver, as well as an easy application which will allow seniors to call the police or ambulance with the click of a single button. In fact, this could be one of the best smartphones for seniors.

One woman, 76 year-old Choo Kim Lain, told that when she had an asthma attack two years ago, she felt helpless, but with her new smartphone, she will be more independent.

“With this phone now, I can do this myself, and don't have to wait for help,” Choo Kim Lain told the news outlet.