Caregiving side effects continue after loved one passes

Study shows caregivers continue to feel depressed after loved one diesA recent study conducted by researchers at Houston VA Medial Center and Ohio State University discovered that depression and loneliness, which many caregivers endure while they look after someone, continues years after the aging adult passes.

The caregivers who were studied were all looking after a spouse with dementia. They studied 49 former caregivers, 42 continuing caregivers and 52 noncaregivers over a four year period, and discovered that those who took part in caregiving at some point experienced depression after the death of their spouse.

"Most studies suggest many widowed people see improvements in their psychological health after a year or so of the death of their spouse," said Susan Robinson-Whelen, the lead author of the study. "However, the former caregivers in this study still had relatively high levels of depression and loneliness even several years after the death of their spouse."

Those who are enduring a tremendous about of stress due to their role as a caregiver may want to look into a retirement living community. This neighborhood can provide the senior with everything that they need, including around-the-clock care. This can also give the caregiver some peace of mind.