Canadian woman gets ears pierced for first time - at 100 years old

For many people, the goal of living to 100 is reward in itself. But for one Canadian woman, passing the century mark is just another opportunity to do something new: get her ears pierced.

As reported by, soon-to-be 101 year-old Viola Arnold of Windsor, Ontario, has worn clip-on earrings for her adult life, but when the clips started to hurt, she thought it might be time to get her ears pierced.

And although family members, as well as friends at Huron Lodge, her retirement living community approved of her idea, some staff weren’t as enthusiastic.

“I was like a little nervous mother. I was getting a little teary, I really was,” Susan Novelletto, the community’s arts and crafts coordinator, told the news outlet.

Arnold was joined by a number of friends from Huron Lodge when they made the cross-town trip to Visage Salon for the piercing.

Ken Gayowsky from Visage Salon told the media outlet that he has seen a number of older women coming to his business to have their ears pierced, but so far, nearly 101 year-old Arnold is the oldest.

Next year, perhaps she will join some other seniors who have gotten tattoos. That could be a fitting occasion for a 102nd birthday.