Can stronger muscles help fight Cancer?

The marketplace is full of products and services aimed at reducing or reversing aging. From creams to pills, seniors and Baby Boomers are promised they can stop the progress of aging, sometimes even before it starts.

But one medical researcher says one of the best ways seniors can stay healthy in retirement is by strengthening their muscles.

As reported by The Eagle newspaper, Dutch researcher Dr. Nicolaas Deutz, a visiting scholar currently at Texas A & M, is at the forefront of investigations aimed at determining the most effective way seniors can develop muscle mass.

Dr. Deitz says that if seniors can strengthen their muscles, they may be able to fight Cancer with more vigor, as well as having additional mass to overcome other illnesses.

“We will give these [Cancer] patients extra nutritional care with protein supplements so they will do better through chemotherapy, and maybe be able to do more chemotherapy to better their health,” Dr. Deitz tells the newspaper.

This research is potential good news for both Baby Boomers and seniors, who might find benefit from learning about their muscles and the benefits of exercises for seniors.

Texas A&M University is located in College Station, east of Austin, Texas.