Can retirement hobbies help your memory?

A certain amount of memory loss is a normal part of aging, but severe memory lapses can often be signs of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Still, it’s nice to have fewer ‘senior moments, and here are, courtesy of AARP, six ways you can boost your memory during slips:

1/ If you forget little things once in a while, one way to help remember where you put them is to think one major thought at a moment, according to AARP. Don’t focus on too many things at once.

2/ When you can’t think of the right word, even though it seems to be on the tip of your tongue, try writing your thoughts down on paper.

3/ When you can remember the major elements of a story, but miss key details. One way to help with this is to try recalling some details immediately after the conversation or interaction.

4/ It’s normal to remember things which happened recently, and forget things which happened far in the past, but it helps to talk and think about things which you don’t want to forget about.

5/ If you’re someone who can’t seem to remember people’s names, try rehearsing them a few times right after meeting them. Even better, write it down.

6/ If it seems like you can’t multitask the way you used to, perhaps you’re wearing rose-colored glasses: multitasking is rarely the path to productivity. Instead, focus on one activity at a time. Your focus will be better.

When it comes to keeping your memory strong, there are plenty of hobbies for retirees which can help. And whether you live in a house or an assisted living community, be creative; your memory will thank you.