Is Brooklyn a perfect retirement spot?

What does your dream retirement destination look like? Maybe it’s on a beach, sitting underneath a palm tree, with turquoise water in front of you?
If one American politician has his way, many people will have Brooklyn in mind as their dream retirement spot.

As reported recently in The Brooklyn Paper, 67 year-old Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz is suggesting that some ways to help keep seniors in New York City during retirement – instead of heading south to locations like Florida or Myrtle Beach – is for the city to offer attractive packages for developers of assisted living communities, making it easier and cheaper to build retirement communities.

According to the newspaper, while Brooklyn’s climate and atmosphere aren’t what beach-goers necessarily look for, it has a number of other amenities, such as a high population density, meaning more hospitals closer to home, a robust transit system, as well as many cultural and educational institutions to keep seniors engaged during their retirement years.

“When you move to Miami, you’re vegging out,” Markowitz told the news source. “Brooklyn keeps you stimulated, and that keeps you younger.”

No matter where you’re looking to retire, there are many thousands of assisted living communities across North America, and the perfect one is waiting for you.