Bowling - A Popular Sport for Seniors

Bowling is a great recreation for all ages. It's relaxing and doesn't take a lot strength or exertion. Good hand and eye coordination is the trick - so it really is a sport for everyone. It's clubby and sociable with participants given the opportunity to converse and share company. For these reasons, bowling has remained a favorite pastime for residents in active lifestyle and independent living residences.

The Rochester MA Senior Bowling League has been a force to be reckoned with at Bowlmor Lanes in nearby Mattapoisett. The group meets once a week and bowls three games.

“I like it,” Sonny Hartley told Village Soup Community Network. “It’s a little exercise and a lot of friendship for us old-timers.” he told the media source.
He described the league as a variety of people, from retired nurses to carpenters to car salesman. Hartley added that winning is unimportant.

Kenn Cutler, another Rochester resident, says bowling is a challenge. He’s been a member of the league for more than four years and recently made a big move by switching to bowling with his left arm.

“The hardest part is figuring out how to get the steps right,” he said. “It isn’t a natural transition.”

Cutler finds the social aspect to be the main reason for his participation. “We’re all friends here, whether we know each other or not,” he told the Village Soup.