Boomers say 'NO' to boredom in retirement

It happens to so many Baby Boomers. Maybe you’ve even thought of it yourself. You’re looking forward to retirement, but maybe a little worried about how to pass the time after the career is finished.

According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, an increasing number of recent retirees have decided to forget the old retired lifestyle of golf and travel, and are instead opting to volunteer or to start a second, less stressful, but more fulfilling, career.

“I'd had a very busy job overseeing 100 lawyers and working at least 50 hours a week,” retired lawyer Rusty Arnesen told the news source. “Now, I’m looking for more things to volunteer for.”

One expert told the newspaper that many retirees find that the first six months are a ‘honeymoon period’ where they are enjoying the newfound free time, but after that, boredom can set in. A January study from Ameriprise Financial found that women have, on average, spent more time planning for how they will use their new retirement freedom.

No matter when you plan to retire, there are many options to keep energized, including taking on new volunteering projects, helping out at your local assisted living community, starting a encore career, or even starting a new business. In retirement, anything is possible.