Boomers more pessimistic than their parents

The world population is expanding, and the world’s population is set to hit seven billion people next Monday, October 31. But while it’s expanding, it is also getting older.

In North America, the largest age group, Baby Boomers, are already starting to retire, and many of their parents are living in assisted living communities. And these Baby Boomers, while many are happy with the care their parents receive, want even better for themselves.

According to a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, a recent poll by Leger Marketing found that, in Canada, a third of those over the age of 75 express concern about their health care, more than 60 per cent of Boomers said the same.

“The lack of confidence among the boomer generation was pretty sobering,” Jeffrey Lozon, president of Revera Inc., a senior living development company, told the news outlet.

The poll showed that the largest desire for Boomers was to retire in the location that they wanted, instead of having to live in a specific location simply because that is where they could find the care they need.

“We need to recognize that seniors of the future are not the same necessarily as the seniors in the past,” Lozon said.