Baltimore Seniors Got Talent

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, a panel that shook the reality TV world with a simple concept of a talent show before a live audience of millions. It's been an incredible journey to see the reaction of audiences and performers, and the fame and riches it has brought to winners.

The Maryland-based annual Senior and Baby Boomer Expo spun off its own American Idol with a show called "Baltimore County Seniors Got Talent."

The three-judge panel thanked belly dancer Angie Rounis for her vivacious performance, complete with trailing veil and snapping castanets. The 85-year-old's rhythmic energy and grace was well received.

"It's therapy for me," she told The Baltimore Sun. "As soon as I put on that music, it motivates me to do snakes, camels and shimmies. This is not hoochie-coochie. It's dramatic and beautiful," she told the media source.

Chuck Fisher, 62, captured the imagination of the panel and the audience with his rendition of Conway Twitty's "It's Only Make Believe"

Husband-and-wife duo Tom Kowalski, 76, and Paula Rehr, 65, finished in first place for their soaring harmonies.

"It doesn't matter the age. These performers highlight the ability to wow an audience. These seniors just get out there and entertain," Emcee Jill Hall told The Baltimore Sun.

Getting back on stage, being in the spotlight, is a theatrical activity used in Active Lifestyle and Independent Living.  Lights, cameras, action!