Baby Boomers create niche retirement communities

North America’s Baby Boomers are the wealthiest generation alive today, and for many of them, retirement means more than not working; it means a completely new lifestyle.

As reported by Marketwatch, one of the newest markets for affluent Boomers is niche retirement homes and assisted living communities, which cater to a variety of residents’ interests and affiliations.

“The typical cookie-cutter gated community is oversaturated…a lot of people just don’t want that,” Neil Schuster, founder of Lake Weir Living, a “toy-friendly” Florida active living community that welcomes residents with jeeps, RVs, and boats, told the news source.

Some of the niche residences either currently in existence, or under development, include communities for RV aficionados, Indian-Americans, those looking for continuing college education, and Chinese-Americans, to name a few.

One retirement community, Nalcrest, located south of Orlando, Florida, was built about 50 years ago, and reserved exclusively for retired postal workers, who had been historically very poorly paid, one of the community’s management told the news source.

At Nalcrest, rents are kept artificially low at $520 per month, and the roughly 700 residents can enjoy a host of amenities, including a swimming pool, shuffleboard courts, a lake and a restaurant.

Would you consider a niche retirement community? If so, what kind of community would be your choice?