Are you old? Most Boomers say they're not

When does someone become old? Is it when they retire, or when they become a grandparent for the first time? Or is it regardless of any factor, and instead people become old simply when they turn a certain age?

No matter when people become old, most Baby Boomers say they’re not old – at least, not yet.

As reported by CBS News, a poll from the Associated Press and found most Baby Boomers say old age begins at 70, and a quarter of respondents say old age doesn’t begin until 80.

“In my 20s, I would have thought the 60s were bad, but they're not so bad at all,” 64 year-old Lynn Brown of Apache Junction, Arizona told the news source.

The first group of Baby Boomers, born in 1946, turned 65 years old last year.

According to the poll, most Baby Boomers said the parts of aging they enjoy most are spending time with family and grandchildren, but the biggest worries they have about aging are losing their independence, losing their memory, and their potential inability to pay for future medical bills.

As Boomers continue to age and more move into assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities, it’s likely that for many of them, the age when ‘old age’ begins will continually be pushed higher and higher.