And the top 25 retirement cities in the US are...

There’s a new list of the top retirement destinations, and it contains some surprises.

Prepared by, the 25 best places to retire in 2012 in the United States was based on factors such as availability of doctors, taxes, housing costs, weather, and crime rates.

Forbes did not rank the 25 cities, but simply listed them, and they include a number of popular choices such as Phoenix, Arizona, along with less-popular retirement destinations including Alexandria, Louisiana and Boise, Idaho.

Another surprise city on the list, Fargo, North Dakota, was rated by Forbes editors as a top retirement destination because of its affordable housing (the average home costs only $154,000), and it’s low crime rates, but the city was hurt by it’s cold winters.

The full Forbes list, alphabetically-sorted (click on any city to see a full listing of senior living communities, including assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care, in each location):

-    Albuquerque, New Mexico
-    Alexandria, Louisiana
-    Asheville, North Carolina
-    Atlanta, Georgia
-    Austin, Texas
-    Bloomington, Indiana
-    Boise, Idaho
-    Cape Coral, Florida
-    Columbia, Missouri
-    Columbia, South Carolina
-    Corpus Christi, Texas
-    Fargo, North Dakota
-    Fort Myers, Florida
-    Huntsville, Alabama
-    Knoxville, Tennessee
-    Las Cruces, New Mexico
-    Lynchburg, Virginia
-    Pensacola, Florida
-    Phoenix, Arizona
-    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-    Salt Lake City, Utah
-    San Antonio, Texas
-    Savannah, Georgia
-    Tucson, Arizona
-    Tulsa, Oklahoma

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