95 year-old yoga instructor may be the world's oldest

If you think you’re too old, or that it’s too late, to start excercising and living a healthy lifestyle, you need to meet Ida Herbert.

According to the Toronto Star, Herbert is a 95 year-old leotard-wearing yoga instructor at Toronto’s Breathe Yoga Studio. Born in England, Herbert started teaching yoga at the age of 50 – older than many of her class’ participants – and also teaches a class at her independent living community in the town of Orillia, Bayshore Village.

When she was a school secretary, Herbert, who tells the newspaper she was never very fitness-oriented, noticed a woman teaching the technique in the gym of a hotel, which she later found out was yoga.

Herbert’s teaching career began in Florida, where she and her husband Michael would vacation in the winter. One on occasion the fitness instructor had moved out of town, Ida took over as an unpaid teacher. And from there, it took off.

“I don’t even consider it teaching. I just like to encourage people to do things that are good for themselves,” she says.

But at the age of 95, it looks like Herbert might soon have another feather in her hat: the Guinness World Records is currently evaluating whether she is the world's oldest yoga instructor.