9 Tips for Over 55 Workers

Over 55 brings a lot of turmoil, especially if a Baby Boomer is out of a job, looking for a new one, and trying to compete with younger people. A person of an older age - by law - shouldn't have their age held against them. But, what's an older person to do in the real world of job hunting?

In the Boston.com's Job Doc column, the question came up: How do you sell your age as an asset when you are interviewing without being overly pushy about it?

The Job Doc's answer to the over 55 job hunter was to persuade the interviewer to hone in on the over 55's value to the company, not the age factor. Value gets candidates hired, whether it's a new job or a new life - an Encore career.

Here are 9 tips for over 55 and looking for work:

1. Reduce the resume to two pages. Take out early, possibly irrelevant career roles.

2. Insert key words in the resume. Key words highlight current skills and update contemporary technology terms, industry trends and experience.

3. Review the resume and upcoming interviews with trusted colleagues for feedback.

4. Eliminate hurdles, such as: "I'm not willing to relocate or travel," or “I can't learn the newest version of a software." Instead, be flexible. Offer to keep up with latest trends, and how enjoyable it is to keep learning.

5. Email addresses with an aol.com extension, is considered dated by many employers.

6. Stick to current experience. Candidates who go too far into the past can be perceived as non-energetic.

7. Clothing and appearance need to be updated, not a long-ago purchased outfit.

8. Be prepared to reduce salary expectations. Come in with the employer's price tag. A candidate’s age may not be the major issue; it could be their salary requirements which unnerve the decision.

9. The key is to exhibit energy, willingness and enthusiasm. Companies look for engaged candidates, even if your over 55.