8 Ways to Maximize the Use of Graphics

Graphics are an important part of any book, article, brochure, website and more. Utilizing graphics as part of your marketing strategy is very important, whether you are using free graphics, purchased graphics, or custom graphics.

Using graphics does come with some rules, thoughtfulness, and details though.

Here are some ways you can maximize the use of your graphics:

1. Graphics are like jewelry, their purpose is to enhance and attract. Use graphics in moderation and to support the content of the product they appear in.

2. Make sure your graphics are clear and crisp.

3. Get your graphics from free or for pay websites. Get the right size graphic for your needs as stretching or shrinking changes the clarity of a graphic.

4. Use only graphics that you download yourself. You cannot take a graphic you see on a website, in an article, or on a blog post = copyright infringement. If you think no one will know, think again. People have been financially ‘fined’ by graphic companies for use of graphics they ‘borrowed’ from somewhere.

5. Carefully read the policy/terms, royalty agreement and so forth for any graphic you download. You need to know what you can and can’t do with the graphic.

6. Make sure you name your graphics and use folders for them in different themes in your picture computer file. This makes things much easier to find and inset into a variety of places and saves time.

7. When you have custom graphics designed for you, make sure you get the following:

A. Get 3 sizes of the same graphic. You’ll need different sizes of your graphic for such things as a small one for e-mail, blog posts, and in your signature. Another would be the cover of the product and another on the website. Example: often your website copy will look like a printed bound or spiral bound book which is a different graphic than the cover of your download.

B. You can pay a graphic designer to create custom graphics for you very cost effectively at Fivver and with many other graphic designers. If you need assistance, I have numerous resources I can refer you to that deliver the goods.

C. Make sure you not only get the Jpeg of your custom graphics in 3 sizes but also make sure you get the PSD file too. The PSD file is the Photoshop original version and the one you can make changes too. Save money and time in making your own small and simple changes.

8. Get creative! Take pictures yourself of different scenes such as weather, nature, buildings, equipment, or anything that seems your business niche may use at some point. Remember though, if you take pictures of people to use, get signed permissions first.

Graphics can evoke so many emotions, support the content it is in, they can ‘say’ things that words just can’t and in a shorter period of time or room. Look at how you are using graphics in your materials and business. With just a few changes, you will find that graphics can increase your business visibility, trustworthiness, attraction, and customers.