8 Ways to Help the Elderly

The elderly need help on a daily level to maintain dignity and independence. Often, it's up to a legion of volunteers to keep senior's hopes and aspirations high .

According to the Uxbridge Gazette, the 8 most important ways to maintain a high spirit among the elderly, are:

  1. Help out with day-to-day efforts like shopping and gardening.
  2. Provide social contact through a handy person service and advocate.
  3. Help the elderly keep fit both physically and mentally.
  4. Sit with them in waiting areas, get them a cup of tea or help them with basic toileting.
  5. Refer people to hospitals, district nurses and social services.
  6. Help elderly people stay out of hospital by providing support in their homes, through visits.
  7. Ensure they claim all the benefits to which they are entitled
  8. Help them to drop-in centers for a bite to eat, social interaction, through special classes like flower arranging, playing board games, or taking part in armchair aerobics.

Seniors in Assisted Living and Continuing Care facilities get these services 24/7.