The 8 reasons your retirement will be amazing

It’s not hard to find doom-and-gloom articles when it comes to retirement. Will you have any money? Will you retire penniless? Who will help support you? But one recent article in US News and World Report is suggesting that your retirement will probably be just fine.

According to the news source, there are eight positive trends in retirement:

1/ North Americans are living longer than they ever did.

2/ Retirement can be a new chapter in life, not necessarily a time to slow down.

3/ Second careers among seniors are open possibilities.

4/ With large numbers of Baby Boomers, large organizations like AARP offer discounts and a powerful voice to this growing age group.

5/ With a longer lifespan, you will be able to accomplish more goals.

6/ Most seniors are satisfied with their health, but for those who aren’t, there are plenty of senior-friendly fitness programs available.

7/ Because of their skills, seniors’ skills are in-demand in the workplace. That’s’ good news for those who don’t plan on retiring.

8/ A recent study showed that seniors’ brains actually get better in some areas, compared to younger people’s brains.

Retirement is a time of opportunity, where seniors can decide where and how they want to live. Want a villa in Thailand? You can do it. Prefer an assisted living community in Florida? You can do that too. The choice is yours.