The 8 best parts of growing older

Aging isn’t always easy. There are health issues can are associated with advanced aging, and saving for retirement can be a challenge for many people. But the Golden Years can be the best time of a person’s life. With that in mind, presents the 8 best parts about aging, courtesy of The Fiscal Times.

1/ There’s power in numbers – Whether it’s group discounts or insurance plans, being part of the fastest-growing age bracket in North America is good news for seniors.

2/ Aging is changing – Older age isn’t necessarily a time for slowing down; in fact, it can be a time for focusing on volunteering, travel or a special project.

3/ Work can continue – Retirement no longer has to mean work is over. It can be the beginning of a second or encore career.

4/ Your business is valued – As part of a fast-growing cohort, companies are looking to have seniors’ business, and that means more options and more choices for products and services.

5/ Hollywood is older – Movies and television shows aren’t just geared to teenagers anymore; more programs are aimed at older age groups.

6/ Healthcare is better – Because of the western world’s changing demographics, more governments and organizations have the improvement of healthcare as a priority.

7/ Staying healthy is easier – New innovations and medications are begin created every day, making staying healthy more accessible.

8/ Life is more accessible – Cities around the world are working to become more friendly to older people, and that can mean better accessibility into stores, better serviced transportation options, as well as age-friendly businesses, and even educational and employment opportunities.

How do you feel about growing older? Do you think life will be easier, more difficulty, or about the same? Tell us about it in the comment section below.