71 year-old man says Justin Bieber is saving his life

Peter Johngren doesn’t look like your average Justin Bieber fan, or Belieber. First, he’s not a teenage girl attracted to the Canadian heartthrob. Second, he’s a grandfather. And third, he’s dying of Cancer.

Johngren, a 71 year-old New York man, is suffering from Prostate Cancer, according to a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, but he has found solace and inspiration in the music of Justin Bieber.

He first heard music from the pop sensation in 2009, when Bieber was singing at an event attended by Barack Obama. At that time, he was suffering from an unrelated case of Colon Cancer, but he immediately found the singer to be uplifting.

“While I may have one foot out the door, Justin has just entered the room and it’s a reminder of how exciting and precious life is,” Johngren told the newspaper.

Johngren, who is a retired medical doctor, currently needs two canes to help him walk due to his weakness, but before his Cancer diagnosis, was very physically active, and enjoyed skiing and backpacking, according to the news source.

As mementos, Johngren has kept articles and news stories about the young singer, and owns every single of the singer’s albums, in addition to a ticket stub from a Bieber concert Johngren and his wife attended in Albany.

Perhaps Johngren’s love for ‘The Biebs’ should make other seniors living in assisted living communities take a second look at the singer. Maybe they will become ‘Beliebers’ too.