7 Tuition-Free Ways for Seniors to Go Back to School

Seniors with savings are in a position to take it easy and enjoy the golden years. But, many retirees in the USA find life after work can be unstructured and boring.

Time to make a fresh start and go back to school. There are 7 tips for seniors to head back to campus life according to an article in US News Money.

1. Tuition Wavers. Although approximately 60 percent of colleges and universities in the USA grant tuition waivers for older adults, only a handful take advantage, due to requirements like space availability, instructor permission and a high school diploma.

2. Audit a course. Forget about homework and exams. Seniors can attend classes for the sake of interest and learning. Retirees can perform self-directed homework. US News Money wrote about a retired computer programmer auditing courses at the University of Virginia who is typing a 20-page paper about the history of Iranian cinema because he enjoys learning about the subject.

3. Community College. These post-secondary school institutes offer a fun place for older people to connect with others and to brush up on new skills. Community Colleges are tuition-friendly compared to universities.

4. Senior scholarships. Some states provide free tuition to seniors, not including books and online classes.

5. Living on campus. University-based retirement communities are in place around the USA, but US News Money warns that they can be quite expensive.

6. Classes for seniors. Continuing education for 50+ adults are available from many American colleges. Specially-designed for older adults, courses don't require papers or exams with variable fees.

7. Online courses. Many universities permit anyone to audit specialized online courses for free, or wave fees for older state residents. Online courses can be helpful for retirees who find it difficult to leave the house.