6 Online Tips for Older Adults who Date Multiple Partners

All across the USA and Canada, the digital world has opened up spectacular possibilities for online dating. Older men and women are actively dating more than one partner.


According to AARP, dating multiple partners can be a valuable pursuit, because it increases the odds of meeting the right person or just developing an expansive social circle. But the article warns that it's a gutsy move with certain risks.

Here are the 6 tips for older adults to meet lots of partners online.

1. Be selective.

Create a short list of essential qualities that you want. Hone in of people who are close to your age and possess similar interests. Pay close attention to the descriptions of the people you want to meet. The match should be near-perfect fit, or move on to another profile.

2.Pay attention to detail.

Older adults who are online multi-daters find it demanding to remember the specifics of a date's profile. Good notes will help during dates when it comes to sorting out names and faces.

3. Common Courtesy Counts

Listen carefully to the person on the date and be realistic. First dates usually cross off the other person on their list. Be aware that it's part of the dating dynamic.

4. Set limits.

In the e-universe of dating, older adults can simultaneously email, telephone and date three or four prospects. Most people find they burn out within a few weeks and need a break. When this happens, take down your online profile for a little R and R.

5. No bed-hopping.

Sex with multiple partners usually doesn't work. Wait until there is a possibility of a monogamous relationship. Casual sex can create problems for older adults who want a certain amount of reciprocal romantic investment.

6. Date Smart

At first, online prospects are so abundant that it's easy to overindulge. Teach yourself to maintain focus and set limits on profile surfing - half an hour per evening is a good starting point.