5 Ways to Keep Together 85-Year-Old Inseparable Twins

The plight of San Francisco celebrity twins, 85-year-old Marian and Vivian Brown, brought out 5 ways to keep the two sisters together.

  1. Get the traditional media involved. CBS San Francisco broke the story, and then, smaller sources ran with it. SFGate and the alternative SF Weekly ran features.
  2. Chime in with Social Media. A YouTube was produced to spread the need for support. A Facebook page was created and Twitter lit up.
  3. Reach out to the person on the street. In San Francisco, the regular person donated by going without a small luxury. As the SF Weekly wrote: "Today it seems San Franciscans opted for the regular burrito instead of the super so they could help out."
  4. Put together a fundraiser. The Red Devil Lounge, an alternative San Francisco venue provided free space. All proceeds to the Brown twins.
  5. Find a social service to manage the campaign. Jewish Family and Children's Services will be taking care of support drive for the twins. Online papers have set up links to the JFCS for donations on its secure server.

The aging twins were born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on January, 25, 1927. They settled in San Francisco in 1970 at the age of 43. They were featured in advertisements and talk shows while holding down jobs as secretaries.

The twins have been inseparable most of their lives and were seen always wearing matching outfits, wrote SF Weekly. Lately, Vivian developed Alzheimer's, and fell. She requires constant care; the twins won't be able to live together in their rent-controlled apartment.

Marian is pushing for the two to move to an assisted living residence to stay together until they die. With the help of the 5 ways, enough money will be raised.