5 Ways for Elderly People to Keep Warm in Winter

Winter is the harshest season, especially for the elderly who can't tough it out like the younger generation. Older adults with poor circulation and brittle bones should be wary of the cold weather.

ThisisGloucestershire.com quoted the chief executive of the charity, Age UK Gloucestershire: "This is just the sort of weather that increases the risk of illness among older people, particularly heart attacks, strokes and breathing problems."

The chief executive went on to say that the longer someone is exposed to cold, the more at risk they are. On average, each winter, there are around 292 excess deaths in Gloucestershire, many of which could have been avoided by taking simple measures.

Here are 5 ways for elderly people to keep warm over the winter.

1. Keep your living room temperature at 70°F (21°C)

2. Leave some heating on and keep your bedroom at 65°F (18°C) overnight

3. Keep your bedroom window closed at night when the weather is cold

4. Make sure you wrap up well and wear a hat and scarf when going out in the cold.

5. Find out if you are entitled to grants and benefits that will help you pay your energy bills.

Keeping warm is very important in Assisted Living and Continuing Care Residences.