5 Top Hobbies for Retirement

Retirement brings plenty of challenges. The structure of work and family can make way for a lot of time with not much to do. Nancy P. Goodman, of Tennessee, a writer for Yahoo! Lifestyle, waded in with her own opinion piece on staving off the boredom that can come with the Golden Years.

5 Top Hobbies for Retirement

Nancy came out with guns blasting. "Get a hobby! There's not enough hours in the day for retired Senior Citizens to do all they might find to do." Here's her top 5 ideas for Seniors and Senior Citizens to banish boredom away once the busy working day is gone.

1. Genealogy and family history research

Nancy describes it as an activity anyone can do, but she especially recommends it to retired Seniors and any active Senior Citizen. Libraries and census index books are critical starting points and get older people out of the house and into the community. Building a family tree is a fun avocation which builds up brain power.

2. Travel

With sufficient income in place, Seniors can travel in the USA, Canada, England and over the world. It's a great way to learn and see fabulous sights. Even with a slim income, there are inexpensive day trips. Nancy lives in Nashville and is able to find a host of great travel destinations within 50 miles, including many recreational and wildlife sites.

3. Enjoy your grandchildren

Visit them if they're nearby, or invite them to come over. Take them to the park, or to the local library for 'story time'.

4. Investigate an new activity 

Take a trip to an art store to purchase artist supplies or study art at a local college. Enter an online writing career though writer-friendly websites and magazines. Or take up gardening, or knitting,

5. Music

Songwriting, singing or playing an instrument is a great outlet for anybody of any age. Do it alone or search out groups to join. People involved in music can express themselves through writing and performing songs or learning to play a musical instrument.