5 Tips for a WOW Newsletter

Keeping in touch with your subscribers/customers is important for every business and the eZine or newsletter is an effective way to do that. But, like everything else, it is better to send out a great eZine or newsletter than a bad one. In fact, sending out nothing is preferable to sending out something poorly done. To help you create your own great or WOW eZine or newsletter, here are five tried and true ways to make that happen:

1. Tell a story

Stories capture people’s attention and imagination, they will stop and listen/read and want to know more. So give your audience a good story and they will remember you, your story and what is in your newsletter better, because of telling a story.

Write a story of why you are so passionate about what you do or sell.

Write a story if what is happening, simply, in your life. A story is personal.

Write a story that could go viral!

So write a story, or tell an amusing personal anecdote in your eZine.

2. Make it topical

Let your personality show through when you write about topical issues. It could be a season of the year, a holiday, a week or month awareness (get a list at: http://socyberty.com/holidays/awareness-months/

Keep your content timely to what is happening around you too – nationally, internationally, personally and so forth.

Don’t forget your international audiences either!

3. Be Irresistible!

Get your reader’s attention with sizzling headlines and great, relevant content.

Then keep their attention with concise sentences, short paragraphs and narrow columns like a magazine.

You've got something to say, so say it and get out of there before you lose ‘em.

A good rule of thumb for a newsletter is 300–500 words, which shouldn't take too long to write.

Some people are just plain irresistible by themselves. If you have that ‘bigger than life’ type of personality, use it! Benefit from letting people ‘see’ and ‘get to know you’ through your writing. Using emotional content can be useful too but it has to be done wisely, or it will burn you. Just be you and let people know what a great person you are.

4. Something to sell? Put it out there!!!

Got something to sell? Tell the world about it!
The previous tip is especially important if you have some sales copy in your eZine.

You have to keep your readers interest to not only read about your product or service but to want it enough to actually take action too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

5. Keeping Everything Legal

Legal requirements vary from country to country and state to state, so check out what's applicable to you regarding electronic media, but the most important requirement when sending a newsletter is an Unsubscribe link.

This doesn't need to be at the top but needs to be prominent; most newsletters have this at the end.
You also want to know the CAN-SPAM law regarding e-mails and newsletters, read more here http://www.ftc.gov/spam/.

Practice makes perfect, so now is your time to go put these five tips into practice when writing your next newsletter. Keep track of your statistics’ too and see how much of a difference it makes.