5 Tips for Healthier Sex Lives for Boomers and Older Adults

Some boomers and older adults in the USA and Canada believe they're sexual experts. Boomers came from the Summer of Love era and seniors have had their fill of romance. So, the satisfaction exists of being sexual connoisseurs even though it's something of a myth.

According to AARP, there are 5 tips about sex that older people need to come to grips with.

  1. The sex lives of "swinging singles" don't compare to married people. Monogamous couples get to know what their partners like and feel free to ask for it. Knowing partners are faithful lead to trust in sexual relationships and an ability to experiment.
  2. The older women get, the sexier they feel. The fear of pregnancy and the responsibility of motherhood are over. Women can focus on their bodies and physical pleasure.Research indicates that women's bodies are more complicated than men's and more dependent on emotions.
  3. Words are as important as actions. Intimate messages and sounds, like whispering, help set up a better connection and a charged sexual experience.
  4. Good looks can be deceiving in sexual experience. Sexual experts are apt to talk about beautiful people leading isolated sex lives. Then, there's average, older people carrying on three simultaneous affairs. It's like the old Charlie Rich song: "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors."
  5. Sex gets lost in the everyday push-and-pull of life. Boomers and older adults lead active lives devoted to maintenance tasks, like cleaning, shopping and working. Experts encourage couples to take the time for romance, in the same way they put aside socializing periods with friends. Romance is the best tonic for a healthy relationship.