5 Misconceptions about Hip Supports

Many clinical studies with seniors have proven hip supports prevent critical hip incidents in the event of a fall. However, convincing a parent, loved one or even your self to wear a hip support can be riddled with outdated hesitations. Here are 5 common misconceptions and the facts that will set you back on the path of health and safety:

1. I Don’t Need a Hip Support

According to The Public Health Agency of Canada, falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. Between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year. The majority of falls result in broken or fractured bones, and over one-third are hip fractures. These injuries put physical limitations on the individual that are often hard to overcome. Falls and related injuries put undue financial and personal stress on family members and cost the healthcare system $2 billion annually.

Hip supports myths and facts

2. I Won’t be Able to Move Easily

Quite the contrary! Hip supports actually protect the hip, reinforcing the joint so individuals have more movement. You can bend to garden, go for walks and golf more comfortably. Another advantage of hip supports is that they assist with balance by reestablishing the natural movement of the hip.

3. Hip Supports are Stinky and Uncomfortable

Hip supports have come a long way over the past decade, both in comfort and technology. Look for hip supports made with quality bamboo fabric. The latest bamboo hip supports are extremely soft and breathable making the garment cool and comfortable. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and deodorizing so the supports do not stink and can be washed easily. Do not be fooled by products claiming hypoallergenic properties yet contain plastics and latex- you can spot these impostors by the warning labels on each product.

4. I will look like the Midas Man

No matter how old you are, we all want to look our best. The latest hip supports are form-fitted so can be worn discreetly under clothes without bulking.

5. Hip Supports are for Old People Today’s hip supports are not your grandmother’s traditional brace. Individuals of all ages who suffer from Osteoarthritis or chronic hip pain wear hip supports for relief. While the benefits to seniors as a fall and injury protection strategy cannot be denied, they are not JUST for the frail and elderly anymore.

Synergy Hip Supports, available at Shoppers Drug Mart, are composed of truly hypoallergenic, odour-free materials with the benefits of activated bamboo. They are a foolproof way to introduce the improved lifestyle benefits of hip supports into the day-to-day life of your friends and family in need of protection from falls.