The 5 financial issues for seniors in 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama was re-inaugurated this past week, and he returns as president to a rocky relationship with congressional Republicans, who are locked in a battle with him on the country’s fiscal health and future.

Seniors, from those in Pennsylvania assisted living communities to those in Florida resorts, are one of the groups most likely to be affected by the United States financial crisis, so courtesy of U.S. News and World Report, here are five of the most pressing issues for seniors in 2013:

1.    Will Social Security be changed in 2013 to help secure extra money? Will you be able to live a comfortable retirement without expecting any Social Security money?

2.    Will inflation continue to eat away at the savings and fixed incomes that millions of seniors rely on to pay the bills?

3.    As reported recently by, a group of business executives recently proposed raising the retirement age to 70. Will this affect you?

4.    Will the United States be able to reduce its federal deficit without deep and significant service cuts? If cuts are applied to Medicare, for example, will you continue to be able to pay for medical care?

5.    How many immigrants will continue to be needed to help fuel the American economy’s growth? Should seniors have a say in the country’s immigration policies?

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