5 Digital Ways to Connect Grandparents with Grandchildren

Every person starts off with four grandparents. Even so, it's common that some or all grandparents may live many hours away. Precious time between these generations is sweet but often too short.

But now technology provides the ability for them to communicate with each other, almost as if they're in the same room. According to coolmomtech.com there are 5 top digital ways to bring together grandchildren and grandparents in the USA and Canada.


It's the most accessible option for two parties. All grandparents need is a computer with a webcam. Then, they can download Skype and within minutes be able to video chat for free to a PC with grandchildren. Even a mobile phone can handle videochat.

2. Facetime

Later model iPhone, iPad or Mac, are the medium for Facetime, making it the quickest and easiest visual connection. coolmomtech.com calls Facetime "truly magical."

3. ooVoo

ooVoo enables free videoconferencing for up to six people at the same time. The whole family on can be in touch with Grandma and Grandpa. It resembles Skype because it demands a quick download onto a computer or smartphone. Voila, virtual grandparents!

4. Google + Hangouts

It's versatile, allows up to 10 for free, and has become the newest talk of the tech chat world. Google plays on its proliferation through Gmail. It's a quick way for everyone to get on the line and on the screen for a videochat. Hangouts empowers all generations to spend time together.

5. Rounds

coolmomtech.com describes Rounds as "for the more progressive grandparents who are slightly more ahead of the tech curve and are on Facebook" It's an app that connects kids to their grandparents via chat, game play and even YouTube videos. Grandparents participate within Facebook. Rounds needs to be downloaded from the social networking site.