3 Simple Things Bosses Can Do for Their Staff

Do you ever wonder what your staff really wants you to do for them? Do you ask your staff for ideas and suggestions, but feel as though they are perhaps holding back? Simply put, there are some things your staff may never want to publicly state simply because they feel uncomfortable or scared to speak their mind. Don’t get discouraged though. Here are three key items your staff probably won’t ever say, but likely want to see from you.

1. Be more visible. Some of your staff may feel backlash from their co-workers for saying it, but they would probably prefer if you were around more. They would probably like you to catch how often their colleagues disappear for unscheduled breaks, or the way they talk to some patients. Your frequent and unexpected presence raises the level of professionalism of your staff and keeps you in touch with the realities of day-to-day care.

2. Get the place more organized. If your staff spends more than 10 minutes looking for forms or items in the supply closet, they are probably desperate for some organization. Rolling up your sleeves and spending some time to get things clean and organized will score you huge points with your team. Additionally, you will help your staff operate much more efficiently when they can easily locate the tools essential for their jobs.

3. Step in on their behalf. Interdepartmental issues arise frequently, and it’s difficult for staff members to address and manage the problem. Left unaddressed, these types of situations lead to interdepartmental friction, staff frustration and reduced patient care. Tack a few extra minutes on to interdepartmental meetings to identify issues affecting multiple departments and to set up a time to address them.

Although there are certainly more things your staff may want from you, you can rest assured that these items are probably among them. Take some time to incorporate these items into your daily routine and you will likely be surprised at how positively your staff responds.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
—John Quincy Adams