10 Ways to Live Like the Oldest People on Earth

There are "Blue Zones," pockets around the world where a high percentage of people live for a remarkably long time. Ikaria is a remote island off Greece where longevity flourishes. It has more healthy people over 90 than any other place on earth. The primary reason is the healthy lifestyle of these exceptional people.

Business Insider gave 10 reasons for the longevity of Ikarians.

1. Ikaria is removed from the mechanized conveniences and the fast-food culture of the USA and Canada.

2. The Ikarian diet is a variation of the Mediterranean diet, which can increase life expectancy, according to studies. The diet is high in vegetables and beans and low in meat and sugar.

3. Extra Virgin olive oil figures prominently in the Ikarian diet. The oil contains natural antioxidants, which helps maintain a lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

4. People on the island who live beyond age 90 drink goat's milk almost every week. It's easier to digest than cow's milk.

5. There are over 150 varieties of wild greens grow on the island. Wild greens contain rich antioxidants and supplement the plant-based diet. The people of Ikarian grow a large portion of what they eat.

6. Ikarians drink copious amounts of herbal teas. It possesses compounds that lower blood pressure, lower the chance of heart attack and decrease risk of dementia.

7. Daily exercise. Ikarians get their daily exercise without thinking about it, engaging in brisk walks through their mountainous island.

8. Daily naps. Ikarians engage in daily afternoon naps that reduce stress and makes you look and feel younger. Shops close at 3pm so inhabitants can have a siesta.

9. Lower urgency. Islanders refrain from wearing watches. There is no problem with showing up late. This attitude reduces stress and wrinkles.

10. Strong community. Family and community are highly important. Strong social bonds lower depression and body weight.